I’m a bit lazy

Noticing that I’m a bit behind on my blogs, I have had to have a last minute cram section and Danielle’s blog caught my eye. Is it easier to copy someones blog or create your own one. Sorry Danielle, I’m stealing this one.

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Finished Assignment 2 :)

Finally finished my assessment due tonight 🙂

I am so happy to be finished, the stress has lifted.

Life of Miss S’s Blog is exactly what has been going through my head in the last few hours.

Note to self, don’t leave it until the last minute.

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New Computer ????

So, over the last two days the wifi on my computer has stopped working and it has been driving me crazy. Luckily I was still able to use my IPad to find references for my assignment. Funny enough I saw Lucy’s blog:  https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/86360177/71/ which looked at the laptop vs tablet debate.

Since the wifi has stopped working, I’ve been looking at a new laptop and have been thinking about getting a MacBook but can’t decide, what do you people think?


Hoaxs and Rumours

I came across Pat’s Blog: https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/86078324/50

The title caught my eye and got me thinking about hoaxs and rumours that are spread throughout the internet. It seems so much easier for these pieces of false evidence to spread and that everything can be fake, from people dying, to breaking news or the most recent, a name for the baby princess.

My mother told me about it this morning and said that she thought the baby was born two days ago because of one of these fake news articles on the internet. so I went searching and was able to find this:


The Age Gap

I found this video on the internet while I was chilling on YouTube and it got me thinking about the age gap between different generations.


This shows that just because we have technology, its use is often not needed and sometimes the thought is lost.

This video reminded me of a blog by Ellie, which looked at the other end of the generation gap. Many people fail to think about the previous technology used and that many children don’t know what was used before hand.

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ICT and Literacy

For EDX3170, I was required to create a multimodal text for Assignment 1. The purpose of this multimodal was to be a trailer or introduction for me analytical essay.

This is my Multimodal, so I hope you enjoy. (once you open the file, click F5 and it will play by itself)

ICT in the Classroom EDC3270 Assignment 1

I was really happy with the way that I completed this assignment, as I was able to glide through it compared to other assignments where I would being stopping and starting all the time. I am hoping that this approach will gain me a better grade to previous assignment due to flow I was able to create.

EDC3100 Assignment 1 complete

The day has finally come, the completion of my first assignment in 2015.

For my assignment, I used the Wix webpage to create my artifact. I based this artifact around, Year 5 Mathematics and used Mathletics as my ICT focus.

Compared to many of my other uni assignments, I have enjoyed creating it, as I can see it being used when I’m a teacher not just as an assessment piece.

So, if you would like to have a look at my finished artifact, please click on the link below –


Hopefully, it is a good reference for teaching mathematics using ICT’s.


The Dolmio Pepper Hacker

Hey everyone,

before you read this blog, can I get you to watch this youtube video please.


I found this video while I was having breakfast the other day and watching a bit of youtube. (yeah I know, I’m doing what the video wants to stop.)

I have noticed within my own family that technology has taken over at dinnertime and that the dinnertable isn’t what it use to be. Technology has come to a point where you can’t live without it. I know that if I don’t know where my phone is, I’ll flip out until I find it. However, after seeing this video, I am going to make an effort to stay off my phone when at the dinner table and interact with the others around me without my face in my phone.

Will it be obsolete?

I was looking at the first assignment today and chatting about it’s requirements with a few of my friends who are teachers. They were talking about the ICT’s that they were taught about when they were at university. The problem with all the technologies that they were shown at university, is that they are all obsolete now. So will the technology that we are learning about this semester be obsolete by the time we are teachers of our own.

This got me thinking about technology from this decade and I found an interesting article.


Technologies such as CD’s, PDA’s and VCR’s just to name a few, have all come obsolete since the last decade.

It definitely makes you think about what technologies will be around when we are teachers. Will there be paper or all computer based?

I guess only time will tell.

Play based learning.

After completing this weeks activity, it got me thinking about play based learning and how especially in young children, can prepare them for starting school.

The game that we were introduced to this week was designed to develop the skills used in algebra during mathematics. Although it doesn’t teach the user algebra, explicitly, it teachs the user the basic fundementals  used to solve an equation.

A blog written by Kaylene, reinforces my opinion that play based learning is a great way to teach children fundemental skills, in a fun and engaging envrionment.


Kids playing educational games, that are well created and instructed well, give them skills that can be easily enchanced when they step into the classroom.

Many online resources are available to engage children in learning. An example of one of these websites in Reading Eggs – http://readingeggs.com.au

I’ve been in classroom where this website is used and the kids are engaged, enjoying themselves and never wanting to get stop, all the while learning valuable reading and writing skills.